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Demonslayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Large Anime Mouse Pad HD Pattern

Kimetsu no Yaiba Pad Mouse HD Print

Demonslayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Large Anime Mouse Pad HD Pattern

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 SLEEK SURFACE-- Made of very fine braided fibre, this high elastic mousepad will ensure long term use while maintaining excellent control and speed, for both gaming and work. 

 OVERSIZED-- This oversized mouse pad will provide full sized keyboard and mouse coverage leaving plenty of room for professional gaming, or office work alike. This applies to all mice and keyboards.

 NON-SLIP BOTTOM--  With rugged anti-fray durable stitching, this soft cloth, non-slip rubber bottom mouse pad, ensures accurate and precise mouse movement with consistent stability upon your desktop.

 WATER RESISTANT-- With a water resistant coating, it couldn't be easier to clean. When spilling or having an accident, the liquid will just beed off making for a quick wipe down. Continuing your work or gaming without delay.

 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE-- If you do not want or like our anime light for any reason, no questions asked, we will accept your return happily, and give you your money back.


* Dimensions: 
L(600mm)xW(300mm)  xH(2mm)
L(700mm)xW(300mm)  xH(2mm)
L(800mm)xW(300mm)  xH(2mm)
L(900mm)xW(300mm)  xH(2mm)
L(900mm)xW(400mm)  xH(2mm)


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